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  • Dean commented on Request for Feedback: Perl Documentation Site

    You might like to plug in something like "mouseflow" (paid) or similar. ClickHeat seems to be the only foss one that i have come across. They are extremely helpful in working out whats valuable on the screen and what isnt.

    In terms of design & layout inspiration, is very popular - so people are accustomed to its layout and possibly its layout is well conceived.

    In fact someone could probably feed perldocs in to it and see what it looks like.

  • Karl Williamson commented on Request for Feedback: Perl Documentation Site

    I like the non-official site somewhat better, but I can't explain why.

    A glitch from the past was that a lot of links didn't work on autogenerated files. I couldn't find any failures in my brief attempts, so maybe that has been fixed.

  • xenu commented on Request for Feedback: Perl Documentation Site

    I prefer, it's much better than, although tbh I'm not a big fan of its design, it isn't *bad*, but it's slightly too gray and depressing for my taste.

    A few random things I like about

    - has much better search, I especially like its special handling of perldeltas. Also the fact that I can input a punctuation variable in the search box and it just takes me to the right place in perlvar. I use that all the time.

    - is buggy, the bug Karl mentioned is still there and it's pretty serious. For example, go to…

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