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    I also don't really see that class data is anything other than a global. You can describe them in lots of flowery prose, but in the end everyone in Java just used class static fields as global variables in all...
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    This post sort of sidesteps the question of whether attribute syntax is a thing people want more of. Yes, perl does have a pattern of key/name/attributes/body forming, but it only recently formed, and I, for one, find the attributes to...
  • Posted The Quickest Way to Set Up HTTPS to Nerdvana

    I registered on today so that I could comment on posts about object systems. However, the very first thing I encountered was a password page with NO SSL. So, even though I have a ton to say about object systems, my first blog post will instead be about setting up SSL.


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  • Piers Cawley commented on A dream resyntaxed

    I’d suggest that in before method foo … etc style code, method is no longer a keyword, but part of the identifier or ‘place’, analogous to setf in lisps.

    If you’re going to redo before/after/around, then I have a sneaking regard for lisp style named advice, so

    before method foo () { … }

    could become:

    wrapper massage_args :around (…) {…}

    wrap method foo :with(massage_args);

    Also, if we’re borrowing from Lisp, then before/after/around could (sho…

  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on A dream resyntaxed

    > I concede that my sub is at this point a well established prior art for prefix declaration modifiers (even though I still think it was a misstep for Perl, syntactically).

    Maybe it was, but we want to achieve something that's both good -and- going to feel natural to existing developers. This does not at all mean I'm not overall in the wrong by using it as a precedent, mind.

    (raku's making the sub keyword fully lexical is still something I look upon with envy, and I hope if I call you spoiled in that regard it will be taken in that spirit ;)

    > even if we can’t yet a…

  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on A dream resyntaxed

    > versus Ovid saying "a method composed in from a role should not be allowed to access the existing method of a superclass at all"

    That was unclear. 'existing/inherited method of the same name' would have been more clear.

    Ovid and I have both suffered from the whole "having more passion than social skills" failure mode over the course of this process and clarity about the technical points is important; as such, I apologise to anybody who read that sentence the way I didn't mean and didn't realise was readable thereinto until after I'd already hit Submit.

  • john napiorkowski commented on A dream resyntaxed

    I still don't get why we are redesigning everything from scratch rather than simple starting with the obvious thing, which is to take Moose (the far and away clear winner on CPAN in terms of popularity and maturity) and just clean it up a bit, perhaps modernize the syntax a little. What we seem to be designing here is something that is vastly different, completely incompatible and yet somehow lacks most of the features I get with Moose already. The main issue with Moose is that since it's not baked into the language it suffers from performance issues and dependency size issues (and due…

  • Robert commented on A dream resyntaxed

    I will be surprised if any answer is given to your questions. Obviously, they chose not to go the Moose-way but there is a rationale section if you haven't read it:

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