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  • mrstlee commented on On the object metaphor

    @Aristotle: "The idea that OO reduces implementation complexity because conditionals are superseded by polymorphism .."
    "Since when is “doesn’t stack up” ..."

    Never said it (polymorphism) doesn't "work". Merely that, in my opinion, the effort to replace conditionals via polymorphism can and does lead to counter-productive contortions. Hence it does not guarantee reduction in implementation complexity. The example is a not completely outlandish caricature of real life code I have written and/or worked with.

    Not everyone shares your dim view of Perl'…

  • [deleted] commented on On the object metaphor


    From the way I see it, OOP is not a hammer. It's just one of the tools to tackle code base. To make an entire code base switchless, might actually obfuscate it !

    When I made the analogy with structured programming(gotoless programming), I made with it with knuth in mind.

    "switch" is a very general thing. Being switchless just implies the possibility of seeing the problem from a more disciplined way.

    One advantage that I can from the switchless perspective is that if you are r…

  • Aristotle commented on On the object metaphor


    Hence it does not guarantee reduction in implementation complexity.

    No single modelling technique does. You use it where appropriate and don’t where not.

    mr foo bar:

    I think smalltalk and self style OOP are completely different from the inside-out-dispatch table. It seems to me that they make the disptach-table and replace it with a more general dispatch middleman with objects as clients.

    It’s not fundamentally different. They just make it meta-circular: essentially the inside-out dispatch …

  • Steven Haryanto commented on YAML vs INI (Again) and the plan for yet another INI module

    @Joel: Depends on who the users are :)

  • BooK commented on Introducing Git::Repository::Plugin::AUTOLOAD

    Thanks for saying thanks. :-) It's always nice to hear from people using your code. Bug reports and feature requests are welcome too!

    Did you know that you can also leave a more detailed technical review at CPAN Ratings?

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