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  • Posted Learning project 2: What's different to theorbtwo

    In this post, I’d like to talk about what’s different between this project and other similar things I’ve seen. I haven’t seen everything (by a long shot), and I certainly would love to see more prior art posts — I’ve now at least glanced at all the ones…

  • Posted Learning project: introduction to theorbtwo

    Past & Prologue

    So, one of the great projects that have been rattling around in my head for some time has recently come back into the front burner of my brain again: computer-assisted learning. Jess has more or less been constantly thinking of this for the last decade+, from a rathe…

  • Commented on Project notes: Prius hacking.
    It can be useful to see where you are in your lane, and if you are all the way into your parking space, but mostly it’s a good first step toward being able to display the computer screen, or other...
  • Posted Project notes: Prius hacking. to theorbtwo

    1: Reversing camera switch.

    1.1: Disassemble dash to be able to get at the display unit’s wiring. DONE.

    1.2: Put a connec…

  • Commented on post-yapc
    Extension: the guy who hacks AmagiaOS-compatible systems is robn, and the system is
  • Commented on post-yapc
    Corrections: flavio is working on perlito, not frew. Erin is wrath, not wraith....
  • Commented on post-yapc
    Nothing in here should be taken as a promise. I do not make promises, especially not on other people’s behalves. These are things that are being tried. Some will fail, no doubt. Some will succeed, I hope....
  • Posted post-yapc to theorbtwo

    So, I’m sitting in the car, while Jess is driving back to the UK (well, the chunnel … well, to Luxemberg to find cheap gas ) on the way back from the Perl reunification summit and YAPC::EU 2012, Frankfurt. I figure this is a good time to do the blogging thing again, and give some of…

  • Commented on Introducing Java::Bridge (really, this time)
    Inline::Java seems like good stuff, but it’s not what I’m trying to write. I’d like to make it so that you don’t have to code any Java, and so that your system doesn’t need to have a javac at runtime....
  • Posted Introducing Java::Bridge (really, this time) to theorbtwo

    So, a few days ago, I intended to post a paragraph of metablogging, and then get on with introducing a project. Then I was going to post a few paragraphs. Then I actually write it, decided it deserved it’s own entry, and posted it … and decided that I deserved a break. So here I…

  • Posted Introducing this blog to theorbtwo

    Hello, everybody! (Hi, Doctor Nick!)

    This blog will, hopefully, keep you updated on my hackish projects. (Both those involving Perl and otherwise, despite the domain name. Hope you don’t mind overly much. Really, I think most of my hackish projects will grow to include Perl at so…

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  • mohit commented on Introducing Java::Bridge (really, this time)


    I want to use android classes in perl. I tried with Inline::java but it’s not work for me.

    Can u plz suggest?

  • Liz commented on post-yapc

    Steven: Perl 5 momentum is much on everybody’s mind. The last thing I want is to do, is to take people away from Perl 5 development. What I do want to achieve, is a long term environment in which Perl can flourish (please note the lack of version number here).

    You might argue that we already have a flourishing Perl (5) environment. I would agree with that. However, I fear for the future (3 - 10 years from now). We need to be ready for that future. In my opinion, only the merging of the strong points of Perl 5 and Perl 6 will not make Perl the COBOL of the future.…

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