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    I have a strong idea of the true kinds of challenges Perl recruiters face and I am currently working with John Napiorkowski to address this. John is currently developing a recruiter oriented page on giving tips to recruiters on...
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    Last week I attended the YAPC:NA 2012 in Madison, WI and I wanted to pass along a few observations from a recruiters point of view. Having recruited Perl developers for Shutterstock in NYC , there is a perception in the recruiting community that Perl is a dying language, there is a lot of…

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    I'll ask the same question from the other side: any tips for freelance Perl programmers on finding recruiters? I've been working with Perl for 15+ years, and I've only been contacted by recruiters twice. I keep hearing that there's a shortage of Perl programmers and recruiters are hunting, but apparently I'm not putting myself in their path. Granted, I haven't put a lot of effort into finding Perl work or polishing my resume, because I've had enough general web development stuff to keep me busy, but I'd like to move to more Perl and less (preferably zero) PHP and web design stuff.

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    I appreciate Carla taking the time to step up with these comments. I think it would be a great idea to start building some documentation aimed at helping recruiters understand the Perl community better, and understand how to find good Perl programmers. Right now I know a lot of recruiters are not going to be really pro Perl simply due to the fact that they have a hard time filling Perl jobs and of course most recruiters only make money when they can fill a job. So what I was thinking is starting with a one page "So you are a recruiter?" entry somewhere on the website. Carla…

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    I’ve been approached by recruiters only once, but I’ve been approached numerous times in person (by non-professional recruiters) asking if I’m looking for work (mainly the “we’re looking for people where I work, would you like to join?”) and had been contacted for job offers randomly by people via email for quite some time now. So, though having little experience with professional recruiters, I might be able to give some insight.

    My advice is to basically be more “out there”. Be where people see you, where recruiters see you, and where potential employees see you. Thi…

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