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    I am a Perl culture enthusiast since 2011.

    Currently working at a french opinion institute, I try to build tools using the Perl toolkit, but also Debian, LXC and a bit of JavaScript.

    Other hobbies:

    Go to my Gitlab account to discover more.

  • Commented on Web Scraping with Zydeco
    Thanks for sharing this: it helps to have a real life example that go beyond the Foo::Bar app....
  • Commented on Web Scraping with Zydeco
    Zydeco prefixes your class names with the package name. The :: in front of class names will avoid this.> This is explained with an example in this documentation....
  • Posted A concise mtime sorted directory listing application to Smonff

    Today we will focus on a simple task: listing the files contained in a directory, sort them by modification time (see mtime) and display the result in a JSON array.

    We are gonna…

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