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  • Posted smart-matching and sub funhouse to rodrigolive

    Bad timing: now that smart-matching is under scrutiny, I've started to have fun writing Perl like this:

    use signatures;
    use Path::Class;
    file( 'file.txt' ) ~~ sub ($f) {
       say $f->basename;
  • Commented on Can't choose CPAN namespace
    I'd suggest you focus on getting an early release out first: what's the cornerstone functionality that ties all of your modules together? Which one of your modules could be uploaded on its own? Can you break your modules down into...
  • Commented on YAPC::EU::2005 Proceedings
    Great doc! You're right, some of it is still current, and even when it isn't, it makes for good reading anyway. I specially liked the optimization part by Nick Clark....
  • Posted OTRS on Plack to rodrigolive

    Lately I've been playing around with the OTRS ticketing system on one of my servers. OTRS is written in Perl, and is typically run as a CGI, mod_perl or FastCGI app. Usually I'd map it as a…

  • Posted CPAN source syntax highlighting to rodrigolive

    I've just updated a syntax highlighter bookmarklet I wrote a while back so that it now supports Chrome and Safari, besides Firefox.

    I find it useful to syntax highlight when I peek at a module's source code in the CPAN website. You may find it useful too.

  • Posted Perl::Critic --praise to rodrigolive

    Wouldn't it be cool if Perl::Critic had a --praise option?

    It would tell programmers they have done something worth mentioning and throw in some inspirational kudos and uplifting recognition:

    $ perlcritic --praise scrip…
  • Posted Test-driving MongoDB on a Moose to rodrigolive

    I spent a few hours this last weekend trying out MongoDB, and its Perl driver.

    I was curious to see how I could put NoSQL databases to good programming use. MongoDB stroke me as a good contender for so…

  • Commented on threads::lite and the chameneoses
    I worked on this a while back, but never submitted the entry, don't know why really. It's based on this version. Take a look at mine and try it out. I think it's quite fast, maybe 7x faster, and uses...
  • Posted compiling nginx on aix to rodrigolive

    Another working day in AIX... This time trying to compile a nginx server to run on top of Catalyst.

    This is what has worked for me:

    $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/nginx --user=nginx--group=nginx \
    --without-http_rewrite_module \
    --without-http-cache --w…
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  • Vyacheslav Matyukhin commented on Can't choose CPAN namespace

    This code is definitely a framework, so I want to keep it in one namespace, to emphasize common interface.
    Yes, I can and will split it into several distributions.

    I think i'll go with Tube::*.
    "Your program is a series of tubes" will make a good tagline :)

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