• About: I am a Perl developer and CPAN author. I develop software with Perl since 1996 and Perl is still one of my favorite programing languages.
  • Commented on iCPAN: Now Bigger, Faster and with Syntax Highlighting
    Wow, I did not know about this app before your blog-post here at Thats super great! It would be perfect if you could optimize the app also for the iPad since it looks a bit tiny on the big...
  • Commented on Converting Pod to search.cpan style HTML
    Thanks for the hint! This sounds interesting. I am using Pod::ProjectDocs right now to do this, but will have a look at your module! Will you add some functionality to create an index-file as well when having many pm's in...
  • Posted How to set-up your own CPAN mirror to use Modern::Perl;

    Are you a sysadmin and you're running servers with a lot of Perl code and Perl modules installed? You are a Perl hacker, who wish to access the complete CPAN repository on his notebook even when not connected to the internet?

    Why not set-up your own CPAN-Mirror then? It's really easy.

  • Commented on Perl6::Junction
    Also, writing a comment here says "can not fork" after submitting the entry and destroys the page formatting :-/ I need to manually re-publish the entry to repair it's layout....
  • Commented on Perl6::Junction
    It seems like the scheduled auto-publish messed up the blog entry a bit. I manually re-published the page and now it looks ok to me (without changing anything on the page). Maybe the scheduler does not work as expected?...
  • Posted Perl6::Junction to use Modern::Perl;

    Today I'd like to introduce you a Perl module I really like and use a lot in my code. It's called Perl6::Junction and you can get it from CPAN.

    Please have a look what it can do for you.

  • Posted How to install Perl Modules from CPAN in the Unix user-space to use Modern::Perl;

    If you're a sysadmin or if you run a Perl software development environment, you might want to give your users or developers the possibility to install Perl modules from CPAN into their private user-space. This could be helpful for trying out new modules or playing around with modules that might…

  • Posted How to install a Perl Module from CPAN to use Modern::Perl;

    Developers and admins who are new to Perl might wonder how they can install one of the 18.000 available Perl Modules from

    One of the many ways to do this is to call the CPAN shell from the Unix command l…

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