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  • About: I've been working almost exclusively with Perl since 2006, and am one of the founding staff at The Perl Shop. I believe in designing systems that are easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to extend. I love software that does what you want, when you want it, without fighting you every step of the way.
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  • Toby Inkster commented on Long Import Lists (and available strategies for managing them)

    If the module uses Exporter::Tiny, then you'll get your "Export a hash of symbols" solution for free.

    For example, List::MoreUtils uses Exporter::Tiny, so you can do this:

    use v5.10;
    use strictures;

    my %LMU;
    use List::MoreUtils { into => \%LMU }, -all;

    # calls List::MoreUtils::uniq()
    say for $LMU{uniq}->(qw/foo bar foo baz/);

  • Yang Bo commented on Long Import Lists (and available strategies for managing them)

    That's an interesting technique, I also found out that it's a good way

    use JSON::PP;
    sub JSON::PP { 'lol' }
    my $obj = JSON::PP->new;

    This actually fails, so by declaring a subroutine named PP in the JSON
    package, JSON::PP, a technically completely unrelated module becomes

    Well, get back to the topic, it's good enough, I think I got it:

    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use feature 'say';
    sub A::g { say 'I am A::g.' }
    sub a::b::c::d::e::f::g { say 'I am a::b::c::d::e::f::g.' }
    sub B::g { say 'I am B::g…

  • Karl Williamson commented on How Viable is Perl?

    Tutorials for the board game Go are likely to have been searched for

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