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  • Posted Perl4::CoreLibs y2k20 issue to James Wright
  • Commented on Announcing MooX::Press
    Probably need something to import MooX modules like MooX::TO_JSON or MooX::HandlesVia per class/ role....
  • Posted Whither Stratopan? to James Wright

    Anyone have information on the current and future status of Stratopan?

    Still marked a "Beta", the latest perl version is stuck on 5.27.2, the blog.stratopan and cpan.stratopan http sites error, and the https version redirect back to www.

  • Commented on DuckDuckGo and MetaCPAN
    try adding metacpan to the search or limiting the search to, then it affects Lingua::EN::Numbers, and Task::Any::Numbers but not Lingua::JA::Numbers...
  • Posted DuckDuckGo and MetaCPAN to James Wright

    Not sure where the fault lies, but all DuckDuckGo search results pointing at MetaCPAN pages have as summary the bottom text about, Google searches are not similarly afflicted, as they show a more appropriate summary.

  • Commented on graphql-perl - a GraphQL implementation in Perl
    Function::Parameters 5.14 requirement is a little steep, perhaps something like Type::Params (part of Type::Tiny dist) could be used instead, also avoiding having to use 'fun' and 'method' keywords instead of 'sub'....
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  • Toby Inkster commented on graphql-perl - a GraphQL implementation in Perl

    If you can wait a couple of days, the next stable release of Type::Params should have measurable speed improvements over the current stable release too.

    I don't know enough about GraphQL to say whether it's suitable for implementing GraphQL's internal type system, but happy to help you figure it out.

  • Toby Inkster commented on Announcing MooX::Press

    A lot of such things apply wrappers to has and there's no guarantee that MooX::Press will see the wrapped has.

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