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    I guess that for people outside of Perl (like me), Perl is just a scripting language for times when you either want to write something for a golf competition or need to quickly script a box that doesn't have python...
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  • Su-Shee commented on And suddenly, you're hip

    You realize that we're trying every day and just right now on hackernews (again) and that CPAN is mentioned literally _every_ time someone says anything about Perl? :)

    Also, neither Lisp, nor C nor Smalltalk nor Erlang are "modern" languages by your definition (and in terms of Web JavaScript isn't as well) and they're all extremely powerful and extremely influential and get used.

    Also, more modern than Perl 6 I can hardly imagine in a language.

    And we don't write this kind of code anymore - for a decade now or so. ;)

  • commented on And suddenly, you're hip

    I've been subconsciously noticing these things but it didn't really click until you spelled it out like this. Your post is a must read for any project managers or developers that want to attract community.

    I guess what we're seeing is the rise of ad hoc marketing in FOSS. I thank (or blame?) Ubuntu for popularizing the notion of image and marketing in FOSS, they were able to take great advantage of appeal to design and aesthetics and such and were the first to really force it to the front.

  • ChargeSmart commented on And suddenly, you're hip

    Hip or un-hip, ChargeSmart loves perl - developers looking for work at a San Francisco based funded payments start-up should email me their details, pmikal [at]

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