• Commented on I Want My Objective-C
    You can try or or use something like that : my $aunts_name; { $aunts_name = ($me->father->sister // next)->name } Max....
  • Commented on Compiler progress with 5.16
    Thanks a lot for your work, it is very interesting! I always appreciate to read you. Max....
  • Commented on Module review updates
    Great document, thanks! In the case of use constant, keep in mind that defined constants are resolved at compile time only when they are not followed by "()". You give the example $color_hash{BACKGROUND()} but it should be $color_hash{(BACKGROUND)} or $color_hash{+BACKGROUND},...
  • Commented on Learning AnyEvent
    I started with POE for the documentation and all the companions modules. I made big app very easily. I like it. Then I tested AnyEvent. It is light, fast and now many modules exist on CPAN. Take a look to...
  • Commented on Perl dropped and Go adopted due to concurrency issues in baconbird
    In most cases you don't need threading. See nginx or ligthttpd... But since Java and Windows, a lot of people think only by this way... It's a pity, event programing is elegant and very efficient in terms of memory AND...
  • Commented on When do you upgrade perl?
    For personal use, I try always the last stable version of perl. I like reading the perldelta pod :) At work, we move when a new version can bring us some appreciate features. It was the case for 5.10 over...
  • Commented on ARM
    At work we use perl on ARM. It works fine. We use it in a long running daemon, it is pretty cool to benefit of all features of Perl in an embedded world... Notably dynamic ones! :)...
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  • James commented on Perl dropped and Go adopted due to concurrency issues in baconbird

    RE: STFL, is just a curses user and Curses has similar problems with blocking. Wouldn't a POE::Wheel::Curses-like workaround of checking if STDIN has data to be read and running $stfl->run(0) if it does, $stfl->run(-1) otherwise, work?

  • Ron Savage commented on Compiler progress with 5.16

    Hi Reini

    Yeah, I'd like to add my thanx. I suppose in theory if I studied this stuff long enough I might be able to do what you're doing, but I have to say I just won't be doing that! So, I do appreciate the efforts of those who do actually do this sort of work.


  • Leon Timmermans commented on I Want My Objective-C

    If you really like it, I'd happily part from it. It's a proof of concept that to my surprise some people may actually be using in their code.

  • commented on I Want My Objective-C

    If you want to implement that no failing 'deref' pragma, it probably wouldn't be too hard to adapt something like this (or Leon's Scalar::Andand which appears to use the same autobox approach):

    perl -e'use strict; use warnings; package UndefHandler; our $AUTOLOAD; sub AUTOLOAD { (my $method = $AUTOLOAD) =~ s/^.*:://; warn "->$method called on undef value"; () } use autobox UNDEF => q{UndefHandler}; my $x; $x->something->like->this;'

    Not something I'd usually leave on in production but have occasionally found it useful when there are a lot of cases and I want to go through an…

  • Philip Durbin commented on Perl dropped and Go adopted due to concurrency issues in baconbird

    This old post of mine was just referenced in a new post by Mario Roy called "STFL Terminal UI - Concurrency Demonstrations" at . Enjoy!

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