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  • Commented on Fat Versus Thin Core
    The proper replacement for is Plack, not a framework as Catalyst, Dancer, Mason, Mojolicious etc....
  • Commented on Web Scraping with Perl & PhantomJS
    I am going to suggest the same as Kimmel - it's overkill when you have WebKit bindings in perl without the limitations of Phantom.js - you could open as much parallel pages as you wish. Here is a small utility...
  • Commented on Finding Duplicate Code in Perl
    I have found that when using words as atoms, not chars, we could compute levenstein distance much faster. I think it is applicable to code comparison case. Here is the function I am using: sub edit_distance { my @a =...
  • Commented on Adapting PDL to a Big Data Landscape
    I have not read the PDL Book but I have some experience in using PDL in Big Data projects. Though PDL is a excellent scientific library it lacks some features to make it useful in Big Data analysis. For my...
  • Commented on Perl's threading model,not that bad afterall
    My problem with current perl threading model is not that by default variables are not shared. My problem is that even shared variables are local thread variables that are copied back and forth between the threads...
  • Commented on Hash::ConstantHash
    Yes, you are right, I have added a paragraph with specifics of the module. Also I have reworked slightly the algorithm in order to expose get_bucket method with the same semantics and performance as in Set::ConsistentHash....
  • Commented on Hash::ConstantHash
    Thanks for the suggestions, I have uploaded new distribution to github and CPAN. The module is renamed to Hash::ConsistentHash, examples in the documentation are updated - now you could just copy/paste them in .pl file. One minor change to the...
  • Commented on Hash::ConstantHash
    Ouch, you are right. It's a shame I have not found Set::ConsistentHash module. On the other side, I was aware that memcached libraries had such algorithms baked in but it was only used for key distribution, I have not found...
  • Posted Hash::ConstantHash to Luben Karavelov

    Some time ago I searched for constant hash algorithm at CPAN and found nothing. So I wrote one. Here it is - distribution can be found on CPAN, development tree is on github.

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  • brian d foy commented on Fat Versus Thin Core

    local::lib and cpanm are mentioned in Learning Perl, though.

  • educated_foo commented on Fat Versus Thin Core

    To my knowledge, Strawberry Perl and ActivePerl are the only "other" Perls that have much traction. And that's because they fill a very specific gap (Windows).

    Unlike Linux, I'm not sure the market for Perl is de…

  • Duncan commented on Fat Versus Thin Core

    I think the premise of downloading a thin core and then an extended core is quite solid. I've come across two examples recently where other programs do this.

    I was working on a fresh Ubuntu installation and I couldn't get the Vim syntax highlighting to work. I went to the sys admin and asked him to download the full version of Vim. He knew immediately what I meant and once he had done it I had all the vim features I needed. I didn't have to keep going back.

    Later, on the same installation, I couldn't get our Perl modules to install because there wasn't a C compiler. Once I nu…

  • Tatsuhiko Miyagawa commented on Fat Versus Thin Core

    Python has WSGI and Django and Ruby has Rack and Rails, and none of them are shipped with the language core.

  • Pedro Melo commented on Fat Versus Thin Core

    I would prefer a thin Perl core, but not until we can install modules without super-user permissions on any system and having them recognised immediately by perl.

    The path to this nirvana-like place is not that hard:

    1. settle on ~/.perl5/local [1] as your own personal "local::lib" source;
    2. make sure perl always sources /etc/ first: this should take precedence even over which is a per-library file;
    3. distribute a default file that, if running as a non-priviledged user, and if ~/.perl/local exists, prepends the …

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