Ben Bullock

  • Commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN
    There is some kind of encoding bug at the moment: Looks like doubly-encoded UTF-8. If you want to go over any of your suggestions in detail, please join us at #metacpan on I'd rather just send in a...
  • Commented on Introducing - A better search for the CPAN
    Regarding the page flickering, can you tell me on which OS/browser this is happening? I don't see it with Firefox or Chrome. I'm not sure "flickers" is the right word, but the bits of the page wobble about as...
  • Commented on Mojo ppl, what have you done?!
    Perl 5.8.9 was released two and a half years ago. (Sorry if this comment repeats, I submitted it before but it didn't appear.)...
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