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  • Commented on Counter-productive over time
    What i mean is that Mojolicious can only be "modern", as Sawyer X put it, because of the good backport. We made the switch to 5.10 over a year ago and so far no other framework has managed to do...
  • Commented on Counter-productive over time
    You may have misunderstood me there, i was questioning the possibility of backporting Catalyst and all of its dependencies with the current CPAN toolchain. This is not even about Catalyst, any module with more than 100 dependencies would do as...
  • Commented on Counter-productive over time
    Many Perl users also seem to be restrained by enterprise Linux distributions, which only recently have started shipping Perl 5.10. The latest RHEL for example doesn't even have installed by default! They usually have to repackage all their CPAN...
  • Commented on Counter-productive over time
    Yes, Mojolicious does require Perl 5.10, but there is an excellent backport for Perl 5.8. ( Not sure the same could be done (and maintained) for Catalyst and its dependencies with our current CPAN toolchain....
  • Commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic
    I guess this could go back and forth for quite some time, but i have no interest in quarrels either, just wanted to set the record straight. Let’s just end this here and i’ll take you up on that drink...
  • Commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic
    Nothing wrong with highlighting the strengths of your product by pointing out flaws in the competition, that’s good marketing. I surely wouldn’t call that “a blazing hail storm of idiocy and childish tantrums”, which is probably more offensive than anything...
  • Commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic
    I would very much appreciate links to those logs, then everyone can form their own opinion and doesn’t have to rely on yours. Just make sure quotes from me are not taken out of context....
  • Commented on Mojolicious: an unexpected result
    I think Joel is drawing the right conclusion. The question we should be asking is what these folks would be using if Mojolicious didn't exist? or maybe even PHP? I see Mojolicious more as a gateway drug that will...
  • Commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic
    Oh, and like i said on Ovid’s blog, i agree with Joel’s conclusion.
  • Commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic
    chimerix: Good benchmarks are very valuable, it’s just micro benchmarks like “rps for a hello world in 10 frameworks” that i have very little interest in. A rant regarding this wouldn’t be totally out of character for me, but i...
  • Commented on Mojo ppl, what have you done?!
    It's no longer happening, deprecation has been reverted, the Perl community is sadly not ready for it.
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  • Aristotle commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic

    Some of the dependencies upon which Catalyst depends are hopelessly broken and non-installable without a force option. This has not changed over the 6 years we used Catalyst.

    Hmm. It was a problem in the early days (remember CatInABox?), but installing Catalyst with just a cpan -i Catalyst::Runtime and then going away for half an hour has not been a problem for me in many years. (Well, cpanm nowadays – which didn’t even exist back when I stopped having problems.)

    Nowadays I need to the cpanm twice – once wi…

  • commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic

    @Steven: I think the main limitation with hosting providers is complete lack of shell access. You install stuff by FTPing it over to the host.

    This rules out XS, but a fatpacked app with many non-XS deps should work (in theory).

  • Alex Balhatchet commented on Mojolicious: an unexpected result

    I expect the real problem at these companies is that they don't know how to manage CPAN modules (or any other dependencies) properly.

    At $work we use hundreds of CPAN distributions amounting to over 1000 modules, and adding another distribution is trivial because we've streamlined the process of packaging it, checking the dependencies, testing it, and getting it installed in development, staging and production.

    Mojolicious comes into it only because using a dependency-free web framework allowed them to dodge the package/dependency management problem for longer than they shoul…

  • marcoonroad commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic

    Sorry for my bad english, Perl Hackers, I has (near) 6 months with Perl, I has come from PHP, Python and Ruby languages, so, Perl is Uglyness than all? No, may be, or not, (Uglyness for me is bad structured and modularized code) but Perl is so far the most flexible language that I learn. I still study Software Engineering course based (with small things about Computer Science) here in the Brazil. My Intro to Development Web teacher was working with Perl in the 90’s years, but now he is work with C# (He was work with too, before, Assembly, Fortran, Cobol, C, etc…, good people).…

  • marcoonroad commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic

    Oh Sawyer X, i like so much your Dancer presentation for Python Programmers, thanks.

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