• Commented on New "dot" feature
    I think this looks very interesting Leon. I'm interested in trying it out on a larger class to see how it compares visually. Thanks for posting it!...
  • Commented on needs your help!
    It seems like many of the items on the list are general purpose items not specific to and that it could be beneficial to have patches rolled into MT "Community" (Dev/GPL). Has there been any thought of moving to...
  • Commented on Allowing anonymous comments
    Some sites such as TechCrunch and Huffington Post do quite well requiring logins to comment; however, they allow a wider range of login choices than some MT-based sites. For example, and chromatic's currently allow login via Movable Type,...
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  • commented on New "dot" feature

    I'm not fond of the shift key, but since this trades a nearby shifted key for one I have to reach for ( > versus ~ ), I don't suppose I'd use it myself. And I'm eccentric enough to like that Perl has some odd syntax that makes programmers of other languages blanch. But it's pretty cool that you can do something like this fairly easily, and it speaks well of efforts to continue making Perl 5 more powerful and pleasant to use. Good stuff.

  • commented on needs your help!

    It would probably be worth putting a little explanation of how to work on it's development along with the repo. A quick look at the project suggests it's only got templates, so presumably you need to setup a companion Moveable Type system to use them with to test the changes. The README suggests a professional edition is being used which raises the question can anyone easily test these templates?

  • minty commented on needs your help!

    @colinnewell -- strange you should mention that, I have this week started on exactly that task.

    My main goal is an Amazon EC2 image of the site, which can be cloned, along with documenting the build process so others can replicate their own local dev instance of BPO in non Amazon environs and hack away on that.

    Right now I've got a vmware guest that is running the site - AND some notes on the build.

    Aside from creating an EC2 image out of that and cleaning up & publishing my bulid notes -- which I will be doing -- the main outstanding question is the DB.


  • ivancho commented on New "dot" feature

    Does this tokenizer patch work with floats?

    I don't think you can use ~ for concat. Some people still use bitwise negation. Also, mistaking concat-assignment and pattern-matching will make for many unpleasant bugs.

  • ivancho commented on New "dot" feature

    all in all, it doesn't really seem like a 'feature' - more of an Acme module, or a source filter - with about as much expectation on reliability.

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