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  • Commented on Trivial tools
    tt -- talking timer. Takes a /bin/sleep timespec, or a /usr/bin/at timespec, and then a phrase to say via /usr/bin/espeak text-to-speech. tt '3m 30s' tea is ready tt -a 18:00 call mom wup -- wait for a host to go...
  • Commented on NY Perlmongers Streaming
    Just Another Perlmongers Meeting Stream Junkie. The audio was about as good as one could hope for without fancy equipment, and the video was awesome with that direct feed of the presentation slides instead of the usual "just point a...
  • Commented on Comment Submission Error
    Ok, thank you all. I knew I had commented successfully at times and have given up in frustration at times, but never figured out the reason....
  • Posted Comment Submission Error to zengargoyle

    Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Your session has expired. Please sign in again to comment.

    Why does this happen any time I try to comment even if I just signed in and even did the 'Remember Me' thing?

  • Posted Debian Bash Completion vs POD to zengargoyle

    It was bugging me that autocomplete for the perldoc command worked for modules and functions but not for bare .pod files. I'd be reading the FooBar docs and find a reference to FooBar::Cookbook::Tutorial and the magic TAB key would not find it for me. :(

    --- /u…
  • Posted Not to Hot for Mojo to zengargoyle

    I saw a post out in the Blogosphere today about getting weather info from NOAA (The United States National Weather Service). Oh! the horrors of using XML::LibXML or XML::DOM or those other hairy XML modules to get at the data.

    The blogger didn't seem t…

  • Commented on What package provides gdlib-config in your distribution?
    Ron, I think dpkg is limited to the things you have installed (and the names of available packages). `apt-file update` downloads the contents of all of the packages from some magic place and can search for things you don't have...
  • Commented on What package provides gdlib-config in your distribution?
    Debian also provides it in the libgd2-noxpm-dev package. I believe you can somehow choose to use libgd with or without XPM support. Just in case you didn't know, there's the handy apt-file package/command for handily finding missing things: $ apt-file...
  • Commented on How do you update your system Perl?
    The package manager program (e.g. yum, apt-get) dpkg, dpkg-* The dpkg tools are low-level package tools that AFAIK work only on single packages that you have on hand. These are the tools used to build packages from a source...
  • Posted When is line 1 not line 1? to zengargoyle

    When eval-ing a simple use without a final semicolon, and doubly so on Solaris.

    Sometimes eval 'some deadly code' dies at line 2 instead of line 1.

  • Commented on The End Of 5.6 Is Nigh!
    Oracle (Solaris 10) is 5.8.4 if /usr/perl5/bin/perl -v can be trusted....
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