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  • About: I'm the author of the Qore programming language.
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    Reini, could you please tell me what channels are in this context (the technical idea behind this concept)? Qore uses lightweight web service protocols for communication - different from IPC because the 2 communicating parties don't have to be on...
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    oops - I should have previewed my post - it really looks awful it turns out -also of course there is no bool::empty() pseudo-method... anyway...
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    great stuff - really happy to see you like qore. BTW qore already has in svn now some major new optimizations for integer operations (mostly applied to local variables) and also "pseudo-methods" which are pretty cool - these are class-type...
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  • mugwump commented on My take on Modern Perl

    Far better than duck typing (at least as implemented in most languages) is what happens using, eg templates in C++. Because C++ is compiling, it will expand out those types in all the functions where they are used - and check that there is a typesafe match with the object type being passed and the method being called.

    "Interfaces" and "Roles" are almost as good, but they still require that the class in question implements the role as passed.

    I did recently see a language where you specified what a role means, and then any class which implements a definition in line with that…

  • Reini Urban commented on My take on Modern Perl

    LeoNerd: You still haven't got it.

    I will provide *optional* ways to cut off generic types.

    The user or library author can decide by themselves that certain data will be typed. And get safety, speed and less size for it. There is no need everything must be generic, there should be a way to enable programmers to restrict their data.
    You leave the type off, and then you can overload or tie or upgrade it to your wish.

    In lisp this optional typing is done with "(the type what)" http://www.cs.cmu.…

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