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  • animatedream commented on Perl and Me, Part 6: Perl Is Engineering <i>and</i> Art

    First, I would never argue that python makes it hard to write bad code. It's very easy to write bad code in any language. I would argue instead that python attempts to make it easier to write good code, by reducing the number of idiosyncrasies a programmer must be informed of to make

    I don't understand the benefit to software development in being able to express a meaning in any way but the best way. I don't think the arguments put forth here really contradict that. The problem: Who's best way?

    In python's philosophy, the principle of least astonishment ranks higher than eve…

  • mug896 commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

    In bash you cant set IFS=$'\n' instead of IFS="

  • Gabriel Sharp commented on Don't release experiments to CPAN

    If you want this, first make the guys writing books about perl not tell new developers to submit their code to CPAN; I've read 2 such books. I am sure there are more books out there saying the same thing.

    I am also unclear on your reasoning for the problem. Is it: 1) because you don't like how long the module list is with the extra entries? 2) The submissions of Acme:: and related modules are …

  • Phil de Man commented on Method::Signatures : Some relief for MooseX::Declare users


    For me it’s better late than never. Your initial post was back 2011, but it is a jewel of information.

    I was getting what I refer to as “the Tuple errors”, on applications, from time to time. It took me so long to determine what the problem was.

    Now I am working on a project that requires me to migrate an old Catalyst app to a Catalyst app with MooseX::Declare. There were a number of sections in the app where I received the Tuple error. It was a nightmare of a task to try and figure where the problem was.

    After installing Method::Si…

  • Aristotle commented on Git-Like Menus

    One tweak though:

    Yes I forgot.

    definitely cleverer than mine

    Too clever, when I look at it again; excuse my moment of fogginess. Obviously it should be

    my $saved_premenu = $premenu;
        $premenu->() if $premenu;
        $premenu = $saved_premenu;

    Then the help callback can just do undef $premenu and the puzzling $restore_premenu closure goes away. That’s exactly the same amount of code as before but the control flow is much more obvious.


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