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  • ajr commented on Perl and Me, Part 5: Speaking with the speech of coders

    Would a language with exactly one way to say things be a monolect?

  • David Mertens commented on Perl and Me, Part 6: Perl Is Engineering <i>and</i> Art

    The first part of your post is beautiful! Thank you!

    The second, more rant-ish part of your post, is what I would say if I were as good a write as you: I have not one but two unpublished drafts of a similar deconstruction in my account.

    I was once rather unbiased about Python and endeavored to learn it because Python was in use where I worked. This specific box in Learning Python poisoned the whole experience for me and I stopped trying shortly after reading it. (In case you were wondering, my contract wasn't renewed, which was certainly for the better.)…

  • rlauer commented on Perl and Me, Part 6: Perl Is Engineering <i>and</i> Art

    Some real interesting and well articulated thoughts by the community...I enjoyed reading all of the posts.

    Some thoughts: line-level variety is intrinsic to Perl, just as a rich vocabulary of words, stolen from many different languages permeates English. Having so many ways to say the same things or perform similar actions, I can reveal in those choices, subtleties in the problem I'm trying to solve or the message that I want send. I love that...the ability to accurately and precisely say want I want to say. I often advocate a change to code in a code review simply to have the c…

  • davehodg commented on Perl and Me, Part 7: The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change the World

    The mechanic vs. driver analogy is a good one. Being surrounded by mechanics in can intimidate when all I want to do is make stuff (or drive to the Cotswolds).

    Thanks for the reminder :)

  • Aristotle commented on security breach

    Well a move has been in discussion for a very long time. The problem is that while all of four us running b.p.o want to get off it post haste if possible, none of us has the slack to make it a priority project. And now that the site has been brought back online, the urgency is already lessening again. As long as the site is at least limping along, any big change will be slow going.

    And personally I don’t want us to just do something, anything to get away from where we are now – that is the exact strategy that landed us in this bind in the first place. (We didn’t have t…

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