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    First, congratulations on your bravery. Teaching non-programmers how to write even the most basic programs can be a maddening process. However, you like doing things the hard way! Forget virtual machines. If you don't shutdown your virtual machine before you...
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  • Luis commented on The Perl Learning Environment

    I'm very happy to see you doing this. As someone who had no background in programming prior to starting out in Perl, I can tell you I would have LOVED this opportunity.

    Please record the workshop and post it to Vimeo/YouTube afterwards along with the presentation slides. It would be fantastic if others would follow this at other conferences and local meetings.

    Best of luck!

  • phluks commented on The Perl Learning Environment

    Since web is "the new black" exposing beginners to Mojolicious Lite apps might prove the point of the usefulness of perl-programming in a few lines of code.

    ... of course Mojo is also a kind of "rabbit-hole".

  • Charlie Gonzalez commented on The Perl Learning Environment

    I think you will have 2 types of audiences.

    - Beginners ( not familiar with unix shell )
    - Intermediate - master ( those who have programmed in Perl or other languages and already have a idea what an IDE/editor is and how to use it )

    For Beginners you will have those who are familiar with using the Mac OS and those who prefer Windows.I believe it will be great to teach beginners to install Perl on the OS of their preference because this will allow them to take home a Perl installation to play with.

    Sometimes the biggest problem with starting to learn a gi…

  • Flávio S. Glock commented on The Perl Learning Environment

    Have you considered running a tutorial session in the browser with
    client-side Perlito5?

    (This is a work in progress, I apologize for the bugs.)

  • educated_foo commented on The Perl Learning Environment

    There are a bunch of Perl REPLs, from perl -de0 to things requiring lots of Moose silliness. Have you tried using one of them?

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