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  • Jeffrey Kegler commented on Marpa v. Perl regexes: a rematch

    @Gregory: Yes. By design and intention, Libmarpa can be run on a system without Perl. However, Libmarpa's test suite requires Perl 5.10. And you don't want to try to use an untested Libmarpa.

    If you want to know more, it's best to ask on the Marpa mailing list: There, other Marpa experts can…

  • Dinesh Sehra commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

    Awesome write up and comparison. Now I am clear to what extent I need to put my efforts in learning perl, and when I should attemp writing a script in perl.

    Thanks Buddy.


  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

    About "Processing Job Output Lines":

    run some command | while read line
        process each "$line"
  • mug896 commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

    In bash you cant set IFS=$'\n' instead of IFS="

  • antony224466 commented on Perl vs Shell Scripts

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