• Commented on Software Test Podcast
    If only we could get actual users of our software to give meaningful reviews in a structured way, instead of just ranting about the bits they don't like.. Which makes me wonder if there ought to be some sort of...
  • Commented on On the awesomeness of the Perl community
    Hooray, I hope you have a good time there!...
  • Commented on App::Midgen what is it?
    A note on your line in italics.. I think you should list all the versions you last tested with (in each release). I often come across distributions with outdated dependencies because, I assume, later releases didn't update the dep versions....
  • Commented on About the Grants Committee
    You missed as a point "People don't know that the grants exist" and "People don't think their ideas/plans are appropriate for a grant". TPF should probably advertise them more. As Nicholas pointed out, the grants system is a bit arcane,...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    Or more correctly: make PERLNAME=pumpkin install...
  • Commented on Names and Numbers, Brand and Identity
    This sounds to me a lot like an actual name for the thing that Nicholas suggested ( I like the idea of having several distributions, which are basically Perl + some set of modules or other. Pumpking Perl would be...
  • Commented on How Perl Documentation Could Look Like
    I'd like to point out that pandoc is written in haskell, not python.. Unless you meant something else with that comment? I've also written a patch to make it output POD (well PseudoPod anyways).. I should go ask the pandoc...
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  • Will commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux

    Perl 5 should still be called "Perl". Instead, Perl 6 should get a new name. Let the newcomer sound like a silly pumpkin, not the established language.

    Renaming Perl 5 would cause confusion over the fact that all the existing Perl 5 code out there couldn't be called Perl code anymore, it would have to be called Pumpkin Perl code.

    Even though the existing Perl has not changed, we're required to call it something different? No, that's not how names are supposed to work. New names are for new things.

    Perl 6 is the new thing, *it* should get a new name.

  • commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux

    I like the reasoning, I like the idea, and I like the name.

    Most people will probably still just say "perl".

    But what is the trademark status?

    (As for Perl 6, we've already got "Rakudo Perl" and other Perl 6 dialects, so there's no need to have "Rakudo Blackfriar Perl" or something as Will appears to suggest.)

    I'm glad that the name "Onion Perl" hasn't been suggested, since that might imply that there is Only One Perl. There isn't, and in the future, we might even have another sibling in the so far fairly small Perl family of languages.

  • Neil Ostrove commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux

    It looks like most of the comments like the idea but dislike the name, mostly because its meaning isn't obvious. To give everyone a worse choice to rally against, thereby consolidating mst's choice, I hereby propose the name Acoustic Perl (analogous to acoustic guitar).

  • spud commented on Software Test Podcast

    I think you hit the mark as to why Perl programmers are often thought of differently from other programmers with this quote: "This is real software engineering, whereas most of us still work as artisans." You see more artisans who primarily program in Perl than any other language I've seen.

  • David Cantrell commented on Software Test Podcast

    Most programmers in almost all languages are artisans (the exceptions being those who use Ada and those who work in safety-critical areas where people can die expensively, like avionics and railway signalling), but I agree, perl programmers are even more likely than most to be artisans. I suppose there's a 99.9% chance that some random perl dev is, but it's only 99% if you don't limit yourself to perl. I don't consider that to be a significant difference.

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