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    The problem with nested sets is writing to the database. The ENTIRE tree has to be updated on every change. It's really useful for read heavy databases, but for writing, it can be rather a pain in the ass. Even...
  • Commented on Living in an Age of Excess
    ESS looks pretty neat. I don't 100% agree with the dependencies you removed, but I look forward to playing with this....
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  • Al Newkirk commented on Living in an Age of Excess

    @dhoss, your position is understandable, the decision was purely based on trying NOT to bloat the user's existing code-base., I am comfortable with the decision so far, feel free to break it and prove me wrong. This resembles the "use strict and warnings" debates we witness, ... IMHO their usage is recommended but never necessary, .... as evidenced by the fact that they're optional and not turned on by default.

  • Aristotle commented on Living in an Age of Excess

    If Email::Sender::Simple is not the only module an application uses then these days chances are Try::Tiny is going to hitch a ride into the user’s machine somewhere on the application’s dependency chain… so I’d feel no compunction about demanding that one. It’s in the ::Tiny family for a reason.

    And it is not comparable to strict and warnings at all. If you leave out strict and warnings, then at most it is your own code that breaks without notice. If you get your handling of eval wrong then it is your user’s code that will suffer the consequ…

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