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    That is a large number of modules to maintain for ETL. We have 3-4 main modules used for our ETL process. Can you give a break down of the modules and what they are used for? What is your database...
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    I am not sure if this works for you or not, but I was able to test this ( in Safari 6.0.2 (manually), firefox 15.0.1 using S::R::D all worked. Well I am getting a 404 after authenticating. Would you mind...
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    Link in your article is kind of broken: Should be:
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  • commented on How to reach recruiters?

    No mention of linkedin? Here in Australia its well worth your time to join it.

    Why do you say that? I haven't heard even anecdotal evidence that LinkedIn has helped anyone get a job. If you have stories, please share.

  • Ovid commented on How to reach recruiters?

    Andy, LinkedIn has helped me get only one job in my life (that was my first in the UK), but I get at least one job pitch every couple of weeks (last month was four contacts).

    LinkedIn does work, but I've also tried to ensure that I have high "searchability" on my page.

    And check out out this quote:

    A recent Jobvite study noted that 73 percent of all hires made through social networks were via LinkedIn and 41 percent of employee referrals for jobs involve…

  • Brian Medley commented on Selenium WebDriver with automated Basic Auth credentials

    Thanks for the comment. I should have mentioned that an alternative approach is to have the credentials embedded in the url. However, that does not work in every scenario because some proxies require manual authentication.

    In addition, I believe the PerlScript approach would allow for File Upload dialog boxes to be filled.

  • preaction commented on Thoughts while changing the API of a massive framework...

    There is some refactoring we can do, but not as much as you'd think: These are all client modules of the framework. They're the implementations. They get/put data from/into databases (7, including CSV and JSON), they get data from various analytic libraries, news feeds, web scraping, and other such. Then there are the transform modules that run more analysis (using 12 functions with different calling conventions from 2 different libraries).

    It's all business logic, which can be difficult to abstract.

  • preaction commented on Thoughts while changing the API of a massive framework...

    We have two teams that each have different databases. We have three databases that we directly manage: Sybase and two commercial time-series databases. We also have CSV and JSON "database" modules so we can chop up a job or save a copy of data for later auditing.

    A bunch of modules are simply sources of data: News feeds from Reuters and Bloomberg, internal feeds, data from other internal databases not managed by us.

    The bulk of the modules I had to change were data transforms. Fills (forward, backward, sparse), simple derivations (divide by X, multiply by X, reciprocal, etc..…

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