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  • Commented on Saved By Pinto
    I'm trying to set up a deployment system with Carton and Pinto. One thing I'm concerned about is that it seems that Pinto wants to only have one version of each module in each "stack", whereas Carton records every version...
  • Commented on Come see me at YAPC::Brazil!
    Hey, I just saw this. Congratulations, that’s very exciting!...
  • Commented on Scientific papers and softwares
    Okay, I just left a comment, and it's not showing up. I'm not sure if it needs to go through moderation, or if it was automatically spam-filtered (it has a few links). So this comment is to try again, and...
  • Commented on Scientific papers and softwares
    Thanks for this important post. You are not alone in calling for code review as part of the publication process. C. Titus Brown recently gave a panel discussion at the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) 2012, and his slides /...
  • Commented on Announcing: PerlGSL - A Collection of Perlish Interfaces to the Gnu Scientific Library
    How about making PerlGSL for beta-and-below quality modules, and when the graduate to a certain level of maturity (as decided by the community, or you as benevolent dictator) then move them into GSL? Anyway, congratulations!...
  • Commented on One Unit of Stepping Up
    Nice story! Very happy you made contact! ;-)...
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  • leprevost commented on Scientific papers and softwares

    Hi Maloney, thank you for your comments. Your first post was marked for approval, maybe because the links, as you point out. I'm going to approve it.

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