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    the perl package in openSUSE is named "perl". It is installed by default. perl-doc is suggested by perl and can be installed separately. You can check version using the package manager, or you can check the package website. security updates...
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    did anyone ever tell you that commenting with OpenID is broken? at least it doesn't work with my typekey, very annoying and a definite turn off. Had to register extra for here -- it only says An error occurred: The...
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  • brian d foy commented on How do you update your system Perl?

    Not knowing anything about SUSE, I think I'm more confused after reading that than when I started. How do you update perl and which particular packages do you have to install to get the standard distro?

    As for the OpenID stuff, I just post here. I don't run the joint.

  • A. Sinan Unur commented on How do you update your system Perl?

    Use ArchLinux on my laptop and on my Linode.

    I let pacman manage and update my system perl as it sees fit. In addition, I have added a few optional packages such as CGI::Simple via pacman. Otherwise, I keep my own perls and module directories.

    See also Perl Package Guidelines.

    On Windows, I occasionally install the most recent version of ActivePerl. I use ppm to keep packages up-to-date and add …

  • zengargoyle commented on How do you update your system Perl?

      dpkg, dpkg-*

      The dpkg tools are low-level package tools that AFAIK work only on single packages that you have on hand. These are the tools used to build packages from a source tree into a .deb file, then install that .deb file. Or to install downloaded .deb files (like dropbox_1.4.0_amd64.deb) that come from outside of the Debian repositories. Not recommended for normal use.

      apt-get, apt-etc

      The apt tools are the standard-ish tools for installing packages. Apt incorporates the Debian (or other) repositories a…

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