• Commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown
    There are so many reasons to support this idea. One of those I really like is that people will be able to use search engines and find something up to date when typing "pumpkin perl": there's so many outdated stone-age...
  • Commented on YAPC::EU::2012, what I missed
    I've got to agree with Alberto and estrucida regarding the auction. I (along with other folks, of course) organized the 2012 YAPC::Europe in Pisa, and what I can say is that we raised roughly Eur 3000 from the final auction,...
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  • raiph commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    I liked everything about mst's original Pumpkin post with one small exception -- the specific qualifier Pumpkin.

    In most ways it's outstandingly good. But it didn't leave me 100% satisfied.

    I've just seen someone's suggestion of Modern Perl, and I have to say I like it a lot. I checked whois, and shadowcat owns

  • Christopher Cashell commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    I like it.

    The name "Pumpkin" isn't necessarily my favorite, but I'm pretty sure that's just pure personal opinion; I can't think of any real objections to it, nor can I think of a better suggestion. There's certainly nothing wrong with it.

    I do still like the idea of year-based versioning, ideally along with the name change. If you're going to do releases based on a scheduled time-table, it makes sense to match your versions to it. However, that's something that can be considered in the future.

    I'm feeling good about this change.

  • Mohawk commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    From (freenode/#perl6) a few minutes ago (edited to correct spellings):

    20:16 	mohawk 		TimToady: if perl5 were to be re-branded as Camel Perl (subject of course to a conversation with Mr O'Reilly), how would you feel about that?
    20:16 	* TimToady 	thinks it wouldn't make any substantive difference
    20:17 	mohawk 		are you "no strong feelings one way or the other"?
    20:17 	* TimToady 	thinks people …
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