• Commented on Once More Unto The Breach
    I think you should keep exactly the same goal, and just change the timeline. Instead of one huge change up front, perhaps plan a series of smaller changes which build over time to reach the same endpoint?...
  • Commented on The CPAN Unknown Usage problem
    In addition, marking a module as being followed would put all changes/releases to that module into a personalized RSS feed from or metacpan....
  • Commented on Subtle Template Toolkit bug / quiz
    Isn't this just a difference in operator precedence. foo = (1 IF 0); # foo set to nothing instead of (foo = 1) IF 0; # foo not touched since !0...
  • Commented on Subroutine Signatures - my Plan (v.1)
    I think this is a great idea. This reminds me a lot of the argument list that JavaScript uses. Please keep up the work; between your hard effort and p5p's feedback something great will come out of it....
  • Commented on Deep Cloning
    Here's a script which shows it explicitly: use strict; use warnings; use Clone qw(clone); #use Data::Printer; use 5.010; my $a = { blue => '#0000ff', one => 1 }; #p $a; my $b = clone($a); say "$a"; say "$b"; if...
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  • Aristotle commented on Once More Unto The Breach


    I was thinking along the same lines when I read your post about p5mop’s problems and intermittent failure – that none of the insurmountable problems actually are, they’d just have to be tackled piecemeal with support from the core, but that this is possible, and that such efforts will, in sum and in good time, lead to a more malleable core (as indeed they already have, in other areas), without having to throw everything out and start over from scratch. But being as I’m not being close enough to either p5mop or the core, it was more on the level of…

  • Aristotle commented on Once More Unto The Breach

    As to your point about you being impatient – that ended up ballooning from a comment into a posting over yonder. The punchline is that I think such impatience leads down the longest possible path, by far.

  • Salve J. Nilsen commented on Once More Unto The Breach

    Thanks for taking another stab at this, Stevan. :)

  • walkeraj commented on Once More Unto The Breach

    This is really nice to see. I've been a Darkpanner for many years now and, while I would love to see Perl6 come to fruition, I'm forced to admit that I've given up on the thought of using it for anything practical any time soon. Watching 5.10 and onwards develop more and more useful core features and seeing an upwelling of support towards prioritizing features and modernity over backwards compatibility makes me really hopeful that Perl can remain relevant and perhaps *gasp* even become hip again.

    Mind share, both from seasoned hackers and eager neophytes, is the most important thin…

  • Buddy Burden commented on Once More Unto The Breach

    I'm really glad to hear you're willing to take on this challenge once again. I'm looking forward to seeing the resolution of the backcompat "problem." :-)

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