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  • About: I'm a (mostly-) Perl developer for Uperto.
  • Commented on Introducing Platform
    For external libraries, there is good work going on in the Alien namespace on CPAN. And it seems reasonable to extend this approach to binaries. So is there any work already done on the external binaries side? I'm writing a...
  • Commented on What goes well with DBIx::Class - the review.
    I've had a couple big wins on a DBIC schema as well. (I'm in the situation where I'm designing a new schema from scratch, but what I'm actually doing is writing a "canonical" representation of my schema in SQLite-style SQL...
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  • Toby Inkster commented on Introducing Platform

    You could take a look at GETTY's Alien::ffmpeg and Alien::mpg123.

    These distributions will actually build the relevant binary and stash it somewhere in @INC. You can then query the module to get the path to the binary.

    Of course you might want to be able to use "hg" found in the user's $PATH if it exists, and only fall back to compiling your own. But there are some advantages to building your own - you can rely on a known version of "hg"; and you can rely on "hg" actually being Mercurial, and not some other random binary that just happens to be called "/usr/bin/hg".

  • Aristotle commented on Introducing Platform

    Those aren’t just related, Yanick, they are the right approach. This Platform::* stuff does not appear particularly well thought out to me.

  • Joel Berger commented on Introducing Platform

    I should mention. Getty is taking my Alien::Base module further than it is intended in applying it to executables. I have warned him explicitly that I may change things that might break what he is doing, so on his head be it. I DO hope to add executable support to Alien::Base, but it hasn't been given much thought yet, and it will need MUCH thought to do it right (though hopefully less than dynamic libraries have needed).

  • Leon Timmermans commented on Introducing Platform

    Instead of having a hard-coded list of osnames you might want to rely on Perl::OSType. Though as Mr. Muskrat said there are some tricky bits such as cygwin.

  • Ether commented on Introducing Platform

    I think this would be better indicated as metadata, rather than as a placeholder module.

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