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    Wait, so they paid you half a year worth of salary without actually working for them? Yeah, bastards!...
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  • Andrew Shitov commented on The shit of

    Maybe you really would like to lay down and get payments. Not me. I quit in a month.

  • commented on The shit of

    JT is right on here. You should delete this. It's not going to help you.

    I think the right way to handle this is to just publicly announce that you're leaving Booking. If someone is considering working for Booking, they should be smart enough to do their research. Then they can get in touch with you privately to find out more.

    I'll gladly discuss grievances with past employers privately, but you'll never see anything about it on my blog.

  • Vyacheslav Matyukhin commented on The shit of

    I really don't want to take sides here, but I think you should've mentioned that your current employer is a direct competitor of Booking.

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