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  • Commented on Speak Up Or Step Away
    This sounds like it was an interesting presentation. Too bad it's not available on Youtube or some other place so others can watch it. This is why conferences are no longer useful in the internet age....
  • Commented on Citations In the Humanities (Update)
    What does this have to do with Perl?...
  • Commented on Data::Dumper Debugging
    Data::Printer outputs to STDERR which means you can't pipe the output to a pager without extra work. At that point Data:Dumper ends up requiring less typing....
  • Commented on Net:: vs WWW:: vs WebService::
    Is it not possible to restrict people from adding more modules to the Net namespace without review and approval?...
  • Commented on Better interviews and better hiring
    I'm surprised that companies weren't hiring this way in the first place....
  • Commented on Why is your Perl site asking me to log in with another site's credentials?
    OK, fair enough. But when I click on the "Sign in with Twitter" button, Twitter's web site tells me that when log in that your site will be about to: * Read Tweets from your timeline. * See who you...
  • Commented on Modules in core: who cares?
    It's a non-issue. Many Linux distros are already putting into a separate package. For example, I have to run "yum install perl-CGI" on RHEL and CentOS to install
  • Commented on Dance with the one that brung ya
    The only difference to the end-user by removing from the core is that the small number of people that use it will need to type "cpan CGI" before they first use it. After that it'll be like it was...
  • Commented on Dance with the one that brung ya
    No, we don't have to promote something else. Those other things can be installed from CPAN with a single command. We don't need to put everything in the core....
  • Posted Why is your Perl site asking me to log in with another site's credentials? to Matt Perry

    Yesterday I came across another Perl-related site, called PrePAN, that asks me to log in with some other site's login information. I've seen this before on MetaCPAN and Play Perl and it makes…

  • Commented on Type::Tiny - not just for attributes
    Some of your example code is cut off on the right side. Can you fix that please?...
  • Commented on Thought for the day: Perl 5 is English; Perl 6 is Esperanto.
    Speaking of CPAN, what's the solution for a Perl 6 CPAN? I found an old Stack Overflow question that directed me to Is this still the alternative at the moment or can Perl 6 module authors use the same...
  • Commented on I <3 play-perl
    If I understand correctly, this is an implementation of software that is like IdeaTorrent. Is that correct? I read Vyacheslav's Design Draft document on Github, but that just left me confused....
  • Commented on what to know about aligning
    Hi "ms". I recommend you also post your question at
  • Commented on AnyEvent::ForkManager stuck on Strawberry but not on ActivePerl?
    This weekend I will take the time to retest this distribution in both 32-bit and 64-bit Strawberry and pay close attention to what happens. As Mithaldu pointed out, both David Solimano and I are smoke testing on Strawberry Perl. Also,...
  • Commented on Creating a perl developer survey
    Thanks for the links. I'm pleasantly surprised by how high Windows is in the percentages. That tells me that CPAN smoke testing on Windows is more important than ever. Please add Citrus Perl to the survey....
  • Commented on Creating a perl developer survey
    I would like to know what platforms Perl programmers are using. I write most of my Perl scripts on and for Windows these days and I'm curious how many other Windows Perl programmers are out there....
  • Commented on Smoke testing on Windows
    I've been smoke testing on Windows since reading this blog post. I'm also getting hangs. I've used Process Explorer to see what is hanging and it's always due to Capture::Tiny. When things stop I'll see two Perl processes that look...
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  • Ether commented on Data::Dumper Debugging

    I'm running OSX 10.8 and I have:

    GNU bash, version 3.2.48(1)-release (x86_64-apple-darwin10.0)

  • Toby Inkster commented on Data::Dumper Debugging


    Anyway, the first thing I do on any new Unixy box is:

    chsh -s `which tcsh` `whoami`
  • garu commented on Data::Dumper Debugging

    Hi everyone! I see some of the discussion got a bit sidetracked towards Data::Printer. On this matter, I just wanted to point out that I really appreciate all the enthusiasm and feedback you guys have >shown, and that because it is so hard to please everyone I've built it so you would create a ~/.dataprinter file with your own preferences and never have to worry about it again :)

    @tobyink for the issues that you have pointed out, I'd make it like so and never worry about it ever again:

        use_prototypes => 0,
        return_value   => 'pass',
        deparse        => 1
  • garu commented on Data::Dumper Debugging

    As for Pry, I really liked it, but like Samuel Kaufman said here, I wonder how different it is from Carp::Reply itself. You mentioned it only works when exceptions are thrown, but Carp::Reply let's you put "Carp::Reply::repl();" anywhere in the code and then resume it with Ctrl-D, just like your "pry" command does. Or did I get it wrong?

  • James commented on Data::Dumper Debugging

    Toby Inkster:
    |& is only inherited from csh, |& in ksh is for co-process creation. So the reason people don't reach for it is perhaps because it is non-standard, non-portable and incompatible. And (luckily) not every /bin/sh is a /bin/bash

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