• Commented on On porting a Moose module
    Is p5-mop not going to support delegation?...
  • Commented on Test::Class + Moose?
    The examples in Test::Routine::Manual::Demo all use roles. In fact all tests defined with Test::Routine live in roles, and it can automatically assemble such roles into a test class. But it doesn't stop you from manually assembling the roles into a...
  • Commented on Test::Class + Moose?
    Any thoughts on Test::Routine? Is Test::Class::Moose for situations where compatibility with Test::Class is important?...
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  • Ovid commented on Test::Class + Moose?

    arunbear, to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what the benefit of Test::Routine is. For example, I don't see how it lets you inherit tests. However, Ricardo's a sharp enough developer that I'd be foolish to dismiss it without better understanding it. Its main benefit seems to be that you can use roles with tests, but there's no example of using roles in it (or is there and I missed it in my skim?)

    With Test::Class::Moose, you get classes and roles and tests. There's no new interface to learn and it's not doing anything funky. Anything you can do with classes and roles you can do with T…

  • Stevan Little commented on On porting a Moose module

    arunbear - at the moment it does not via the core, but that will likely change. That said, it is pretty trivial to write a trait to do it, here is an example trait in the tests that implements the basic HASH ref handles version that Moose supports.

    If you really would like to see it in the core, patches welcome :)

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