• Commented on Postgres full-text search w/ DBIX::Class
    I use { $field => \[q/@@ to_tsquery('english', ?)/, [ $field => "$term:*" ]] } Where $field is already a tsvector column maintained with a tsvector_update_trigger...
  • Commented on Real-Time Web Apps
    Web::Hippie does support XHR long-polling, not just websockets, although that does not work so great in older versions of IE because they do not let you view partial XHR responses. It also has a straight poll fallback mode....
  • Commented on On the version number succeeding Perl 5
    This sounds fantastic. Ditch cpan and include cpanminus in core. Some people have also expressed interest in a better build system (like Dist::Zilla) in core as well....
  • Commented on Recent work on ZMQ::LibZMQ3 and CZMQ
    pkgconfig works very well for probing module versions and giving you compile/link flags in most instances - see ExtUtils::PkgConfig...
  • Commented on Moving my Catalyst Apps from Apache/FCGI to Nginx/Starman
    I use this:
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