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    mst, all day long I could not figure out where to stand to see things your way. Then I happened upon Dave Golden's blog post where he says: If we go all the way, and rebrand from "Perl 5" to...
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    If you believe that perl5 requires a new implementation to take us forwards: You should support this proposal because by providing the current implementation with its own name, we allow alternative implementations to also have their own name and identity...
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    There's a problem here that I don't see being discussed. "Perl7" or "Perl2013" or "Perl Foo" is a fork, plain and simple. The 5.xx line will not end just because somebody decides to evolve Perl5 into something not quite compatible...
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  • commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    There are so many reasons to support this idea.
    One of those I really like is that people will be able to use search engines and find something up to date when typing "pumpkin perl": there's so many outdated stone-age perl-related material that we won't be able to get rid of that without a change like this.

    So, for this and many other reasons, it's +1.

    And willing to help where I can, of course.

  • raiph commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    I liked everything about mst's original Pumpkin post with one small exception -- the specific qualifier Pumpkin.

    In most ways it's outstandingly good. But it didn't leave me 100% satisfied.

    I've just seen someone's suggestion of Modern Perl, and I have to say I like it a lot. I checked whois, and shadowcat owns

  • Christopher Cashell commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    I like it.

    The name "Pumpkin" isn't necessarily my favorite, but I'm pretty sure that's just pure personal opinion; I can't think of any real objections to it, nor can I think of a better suggestion. There's certainly nothing wrong with it.

    I do still like the idea of year-based versioning, ideally along with the name change. If you're going to do releases based on a scheduled time-table, it makes sense to match your versions to it. However, that's something that can be considered in the future.

    I'm feeling good about this change.

  • Aristotle commented on Perl 7

    Yes Jenda, these clearly look like dead projects to me. You’re talking out of your ass. As for your opinion that this supposed failure of the effort entitles you to give the people who are working on it a public “fuck you”, how about a nice big cup of shut-the-hell-up.

    Thank you.

  • Mohawk commented on Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

    From (freenode/#perl6) a few minutes ago (edited to correct spellings):

    20:16 	mohawk 		TimToady: if perl5 were to be re-branded as Camel Perl (subject of course to a conversation with Mr O'Reilly), how would you feel about that?
    20:16 	* TimToady 	thinks it wouldn't make any substantive difference
    20:17 	mohawk 		are you "no strong feelings one way or the other"?
    20:17 	* TimToady 	thinks people …
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