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  • Commented on Perl6 should be renamed Perl++
    I think Perl++ is a great idea, it emphasizes that it's not just a newer version of Perl, any more than C++ is "just a newer version of C". It's an entirely different language in the same broad family as...
  • Commented on Newbie Poison
    Like others, I think you were a bit harsh picking out the "what CPU" question, that response seems clear simple and polite to me. But I do agree that the "bad practices" second answer was rather snotty and unhelpful -...
  • Commented on Beginning Perl (Wrox) is now released
    Ovid, really liked the book (actually still going through it), it's nicely written, but there are loads of typos, especially wrt code indentation (?was there a space/tab confusion that running the whole book thru 'expand' could have fixed?). Most seriously,...
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  • Ovid commented on Beginning Perl (Wrox) is now released

    Duncan, thanks for the report. It looks like I'm going to have to try and write something up to fix that for the errata. Damn!

  • The Holy Ghost commented on Perl6 should be renamed Perl++

    In coordinating C/C++, the Perl5::Inline module makes perl 5 compatible with perl 6 although CPAN is a bit lost.

  • Zephyr commented on Perl6 should be renamed Perl++

    I like Onyx.

    "So you know I suggested “Rakudo”, which is kind of a pun in Japanese. It means “paradise”, but it’s also kind of a contraction of “the way of the camel”. And that is in fact the name of the main implementation of Perl 6 but I kind of wish it was the name of the language, or if we’d gone with something else, I was thinking you know “Onyx” or “Zeta”, it’s gotta be something four-letter ideally, like “Perl” was." --DC

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