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  • Commented on A Case for Tie::Array::CSV
    I use Tie::Array::CSV all the time. It’s one of my can’t-live-without modules. Thanks for producing and maintaining it. I always use tied arrays and hashes where possible. My other favourites are Tie::StoredOrderHash, Tie::Array::DBD and, of course, Tie::File....
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  • Joel Berger commented on A Case for Tie::Array::CSV

    Cliff, I’m so glad to hear that other people are using it and find it helpful!

  • blumroy commented on A Case for Tie::Array::CSV

    Hi Joel, I’m starting to use it and hope to get a better hold of it. I’m using Mac, running Perl v5.12.3

    The example you provide here works for me well, outputting the outfile.csv file.

    By amending the code to : tie my @file, ‘Tie::Array::CSV’, ‘outfile.csv’; print $file[1][0]; I am able to read from the outfile.csv as well!

    My problem starts when I make an attempt to open outfile.csv in Excel, make some value changes, and then save it again as CSV format (i tried all possible csv form…

  • Joel Berger commented on A Case for Tie::Array::CSV

    Tie::Array::CSV is just a thin wrapper for Text::CSV, you might try to see if you need to set some configuration variables. CSV is a human readable format so you might want to try to open a text editor and view the file at the different stages to see if something noticeable changes.

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