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  • Commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?
    To send a clear message to the world, it may be better to simultaneously rename Perl6 and move Perl5 to a next major version (Perl 7 ?). I think this would send several messages to the outside world: both communities...
  • Commented on Article: Installation of Image::Magick under Debian
    You can also install libimage-magick-perl version with apt. A more recent version ( is available in experimental, so it should land in unstable sooner or later. All the best...
  • Commented on Why is the latest version of Devel::ptkdb not on CPAN?
    Looks like latest ptkdb won't stay out of CPAN for long: Matthew got co-maintainer status of ptkdb on CPAN and he's talking with Marco Marazzi to re-use the improvements done on the version of ptkdb hosted on sourceforge. For more...
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  • Gnustavo commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    I think the renaming is long overdue. I hope it's for the good.

    As for the new name I don't particularly like Raku. For a Brazilian Portuguese speaker it sounds harsh. But I think it's mostly about having time to get used to it.

    Some time ago I thought that "Gerl" would be a nice name for Perl 6:

    • The "G" in it could be seen as a "6".
    • It rhymes with Perl and Girl. (At least it does for a non-native English speaker as myself.)
    • It has four letters.
    • It would make it easy to change documentation and tooling names since it would only need to…
  • explorer commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    "Perla" ⒫

  • Ovid commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    Shenanigans: thanks, fixed! :)

  • Aaron Priven commented on Is Perl 6 Being Renamed?

    In general, I think the "rename Perl 6 to Raku / rename perl 5 as perl 7" is a good solution, but I would suggest that the Perl 5 -> Perl 7 bump should happen only when there is at least something notable to include in it that would otherwise justfy the change. (Native OO system, non-experimental signatures with named parameters, something like that.)

    I mean, the big user-visible improvement in Perl 5.30 was "The upper limit 'n' specifiable in a regular expression quantifier of the form '{m,n}' has been doubled to 65534", which was pretty underwhelming. And so far, the most notable …

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