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  • Laufeyjarson commented on Watch the secret YAPC::NA live

    The issue with just doing the thing and not talking about it is that the crowd of people who are doing it will shrink.

    There's no reason a language as heavily used as Perl had only 300 people at the conference. I'm shocked that this is considered a reasonable level of attendance, and that the conference organizers had planned for less. (They ran out of hotel room block; they were clearly not planning for as many people who came.)

    This year may have been an anomaly; Chris posted that his personal life got busy, and that certainly happens to everyone. I hope that next year g…

  • James commented on Watch the secret YAPC::NA live isn't even living in 2014, YAPC::NA and YAPC:EU 2013 are still coming.

  • yanick.champoux commented on Watch the secret YAPC::NA live

    I understand the frustration, and I agree that the communication channels have been sub-optimal. No arguing there.

    However, I think we should also take a long, deep breath, and try to veer the discussion toward what can we do to improve the situation. For most (if not all) of the organizers, YAPC is a labor of love. And labor is the right word there -- it's a long, arduous, exhausting, unglorious process that end in a big final week-long push. Personally, I have no doubt that everybody involved honestly did gave their all. But life, and things, and then more life, happened. And as Ki…

  • Ron Savage commented on Book Report - December 2014

    I'd say it's contrived to discuss objects before constructors. It sounds like you feel constructors need to be discussed in detail before object are mentioned, but perhaps you can introduce them (ctors) briefly, i. e. just enough to provide context for the discussion of objects, before returning to them.

  • commented on Book Report - December 2014

    Sid Burn:

    You didn't really need any module at all to explain classes. I would say, someone only has really understand object-orientation if he knew how to code OO in an imperative or functional style. And that is the most important thing. OO is not about shiny syntax and having "class, method, new" keywords and so on, it is about the idea of encapsulating data/state.

    For example an imperative way of describing a "Person-Class". At first you think about a datastructure which data/state it should hold. Well something simple, a person just have a name and an age field. And you …

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