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    Very interesting, thank you! I guess this also means that Catalyst is not so popular in Japan. What web app frameworks *are* popular?...
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  • lestrrat commented on Perl5 Census Japan 2013

    Honestly, don't know. Personally I hear about just about every possible framework out there, so there seems to be no One True Framework. And I lately do not work on stuff that runs on a framework, so I'm kind of out of touch :/

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    Thanks, this was interesting to look at.

  • J. Bobby Lopez commented on Perl5 Census Japan 2013

    I liked this, thanks so much for your efforts in putting it together!

    394 replies over the course of two weeks is pretty good. It would be great to see how this data changes in a year, and for other tech-oriented countries/cities. Japan is sort of a nice little isolated demographic, so I can definitely see the appeal in starting there. Were there other motivating factors for looking at Japans' perl usage?

  • J. Bobby Lopez commented on Perl5 Census Japan 2013

    "Japan Perl Association director; Livedoor, Inc; Tokyo, Japan" - I answered my own question. Thanks again :)

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