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    /usr/local, on some platforms, is not secure. On other platforms, /usr/contrib is an unsecure location. There is a reason not to include it in root's default path. Under cron (or system startup, or manually running scripted tasks), I typically have...
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  • Neil Bowers commented on /usr/local/bin rant

    But the flipside is that knowing about the various package management tools is a PITA if you're a perl programmer who happens to have to admin various boxes :-)

    I install Perl in a number of places, and like the fact that my chosen method for installing Perl and modules works the same on all of them.

    That said, why don't you write a separate blog post on "packaging perl for sysadmins" or somesuch. I'd like to read opinions and suggestions from a more seasoned sysadmin on how to approach these sort of things.

  • code_monkey commented on /usr/local/bin rant

    Here's a nice thread that speaks to the cpan v package manager choice.

    I think developers prefer CPAN because they can immediately get things done, sys admins like order and integration of components into their environment that will play nice with their tool chains. Ultimately if you are deploying across multiple platforms flexibility is key, however in a homogenous environment rapid deployment using native tools is preferred. If the ai…

  • Alex Kapranoff commented on /usr/local/bin rant

    Looks like your questhub/play-perl links are broken here.

  • Vyacheslav Matyukhin commented on /usr/local/bin rant

    Oops, I copy-pasted Neil's code and forgot to replace the link. Thanks! :)

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