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    Thanks for the writeup. You say "p5p does not support optimizations based on the type information, it rather blocks those attempts." I hadn't heard about that one way or another before, but do you have examples of that in history?...
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    I guess I still don’t understand what you mean by the serialization issue. What has to manually do what? And what is the “meta-object” here? What “attributes” do you mean in your last sentence? I’m sure your points are valid,...
  • Commented on On the removal of some core modules
    Hi Joel, could you say more about the serialization troubles for Module::Build? I don’t think I’ve heard that before, though it’s possible I’ve lost those brain cells at some point....
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  • Joel Berger commented on On the removal of some core modules

    Hi Ken, the problems are essentially that it has to manually do it. The complications added to the “meta-object” needed to do so make extending that meta-object for other purposes difficult. That’s not really an answer, perhaps better to just say that the underlying hashref could really stand to be cleaner and the mechanisms for adding attributes needs a facelift too.

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