• Commented on What should Rakudo-js aim for first?
    Exploring Perl 6 in your browser might be a good one since it would enable interactive tutorials to be made. I thought about maybe doing this with Perlito a while ago. By running in the users browser you avoid all...
  • Commented on eager, hyper and race
    In the GLR branch the following is what you want: my @c = 1..10;{say $_}).eager;{say $_}).hyper;{say $_}).race; You can build and play with specific branches using rakudobrew: rakudobrew build moar glr rakudobrew switch moar-glr perl6...
  • Commented on Minor Issue with Perl 6 Install on CentOS 6
    I think it's used to populate $*OS and $*DISTRO which tells you the OS and version you are on....
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