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    $ok = 0 && lastdoesn't work ☹. Needs to be ||, or, comma operator or a do-block....
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    Please continue to be the "architect". If you feel the need to "back off" from being the main contributor of actual code, I'm sure you could become more of a Linus ... but the "unique vision" part of it is...
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    Hi Peter,

    I'm neither contributor nor user of DBIx::Class, but as an attentive observer, I always wondered how such a big and complex piece of software could evolve in a consistent way under the collective hands of many people with possibly different visions. This development model has the richness of the bazaar, but if you want to reach the steeple of the cathedral it may make it a bit more difficult. So, as I understand, one of the points of your post is that you would like to preserve collective energy, but you feel alone in taking the hard decisions (and also doing the hard work)…

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