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  • commented on Introducing Moops

    Looks like a good starting point to teach modern/object-oriented Perl. The current documentation, however, is more useful to insiders that already know and care about existing frameworks (Moose, Mouse, Moo, p5-moo, Class::Tiny...) with all of their confusing extensions. I hope we'll some day get a Moops tutorial that avoids any (!) references to other Perl modules but just explains syntax and features of Moops. Don't get me wrong, the current documentation is good, but it aims at Perl-enthusiasts. Other programmers just want to know how to code with Moops to solve problems. They are not…

  • Toby Inkster commented on Introducing Moops

    I do hope to improve this, but it's easier said than done.

  • Toby Inkster commented on Introducing Moops

    Line numbers in error messages should be more or less perfect now, if you have the latest releases of Keyword::Simple and Moops.

  • salmonix commented on Introducing Moops

    Is there a reason for preferring Moo instead of Mouse?

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