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    @Yuki, I’m a Perl programmer, but I’ve never used PDL. In about 30 seconds I found this in the PDL documentation using the Google search box at the top of this page:
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  • zaki commented on PDL 2.007 Released!

    I use MATLAB for research too. I’d like to use more PDL, but there aren’t enough tools in PDL to make prototyping biomedical image analysis quick and easy enough yet. I plan on fixing this, but it all comes down to time (as it always does).

    PDL has all the basic functions for n-d data manipulation, but it uses different names. It’s like that with any tool, but PDL could ease the transition with a small layer to map MATLAB-like calls to PDL. That has the drawback of increasing the complexity for programmers that read the code, but it seems that Perl doesn’t alw…

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