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  • Al Newkirk commented on Modular, Decoupled, Best Practiced, Well Designed, Bullshit

    @JT, yes, I'd have to agree with you (100%). I too write code from dusk til dawn most days and find myself, quite often, bothered by my own wanting for my code and/or architecture to be perfect. I think it's the curse of the craftsmanship.

    I also believe that this is a key factor as to why many adept IT people (system architects, software developers, et al) have difficulty launching software products for themselves (i.e. too many choices and nobody telling them to "just do it this way for now").

    I also feel that this has been validated in my own work experiences as many of t…

  • Caleb Cushing ( xenoterracide ) commented on Modular, Decoupled, Best Practiced, Well Designed, Bullshit

    This has to be balanced, and of course sometimes purism takes longer not because it takes longer, but because you haven't really grokked it yet (my last post on Dependency Injection and Providers shows this because it took me a while to get to a solution that wasn't a massive pain in the ass ). Though one could argue it's a lot more code than the simplest approach and in some cases that simple approach would work.

    You have to strike a balance though, I've seen a 10k line if/then/else chain CGI, that had 0 abstraction. It's often faster to write 0 abstraction, and slower to write more…

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