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  • Commented on Storable-like Modules
    @Stefen yes, an mmap-like with just-in-time deserializing would be awesome. Even via overriding like Sereal::JIT and big performance penalty to read the whole....
  • Commented on Storable-like Modules
    I hit a similar issue in Munin. Writing was no issue, but reading it back in a CGI was very slow, as it was synchronous, and it needed to read everything. Using Sereal was quite a perf improvement, but not...
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  • Steffen Mueller commented on Storable-like Modules

    @Steve: One of the potential Sereal features that could have helped your case hit the chopping block. We considered partial deserialization using something like dpath. Fundamentally, I think that's still implementable, but I don't think I'd want to add that to the main decoder code: Too much extra complexity and likely to slow down the general case.

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