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    I'm not sure I envy Python's Schoolanmi of newbys.. will Python become that hated language I learned at school?...
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  • DrSuman commented on Is Perl really short of newbies?

    Thanks for the analysis.

    But to attract newbies to perl, we need to have good course in perl programming in MOOC platform like coursera, edx, udacity.
    Note that there are so good easy to follow programming courses in python, scala, java, ruby in those open platforms.
    We need the same for perl too asap to attract newbies.
    Afterall newbies need to have easy to follow tutorials.

    (perl fan)

  • vijaykumar.tater commented on Is Perl really short of newbies?

    One of the main reason is people are lazy.and the good thing is we can use this laziness for more participation. i gave a simple demo on how to use perlbrew and use cpanm to download modules. i told them not to write a lot of code, but just use cpan to find out a module that caters to their task and use it. It helped them get started with using cpan. i gave them a demo on DBIx::Class (i am a poor presenter) but i wanted to make them understand, the pain on unreadable code.and how DBIx::Class would help them keep things clean. and predictable. but soon realized things went over their head. i…

  • Ron Abraham commented on Is Perl really short of newbies?

    I am just getting back into perl (did a lot of cool and appreciated work during college ) after a 10 year hietus but always loved the language.So i guess im a newbie.

    I want perl to take of in a big way as i feel the language has a soul and culture that is unique.

    I feel we need to take on big projects like /RT/bugzilla /movable type etc to kick some a**.

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