Ron Abraham

  • Commented on Is Perl still a useful, viable language?
    I right now am using a free PAAS provider to build a couple of applications in Perl. However the latest version they support is Perl 5.10. There is some roundabout way to install Perl5.2X im told, but i wanna go...
  • Commented on Encourage user participation via a single-line patch to your dist metadata
    Yes . this is a cool idea. as a relative newbie to modern perl, i do come across modules which lack any real reviews so its difficult to decide. the shitty code another use talked about is such a pain,...
  • Commented on Is Perl really short of newbies?
    I am just getting back into perl (did a lot of cool and appreciated work during college ) after a 10 year hietus but always loved the language.So i guess im a newbie. I want perl to take of in...
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