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  • Commented on Launched
    Hey, Not sure if this would help you but a while back I tried to write a faq aimed at recruiters: feel free to steal as much as possible...
  • Commented on Perl 6 Status
    Peter, I hate to even have to bring it up, but I feel I am forced to because as a working Perl5 programmer one of my unpaid job duties is fighting FUD and convincing my peers that Perl is not...
  • Commented on Perl 6 Status
    yeah the whole, 'they are separate languages' is more of a political move to try and resolve the issues between the communities. In my mind the harm done to Perl by insisting Perl6 is going to replace Perl5 significantly outweighs...
  • Commented on Perl 6 Status
    would you be open to a patch that outlines the relationship between Perl5 and Perl6? This is still clearly a frustrating and FUD prone topic. Something like: What in the relationship between Perl5 and Perl6? Although Perl6 was originally envisioned...
  • Commented on Travis-CI Helpers for Perl
    Thanks haarg, these are awesome! -jnap...
  • Commented on Validating Nested JSON Hashes with Moose
    Sometimes I use HTML::Formhandler to wrap this type of validation / inflation, that way I can get a results object (with accumulated error messages) instead of throwing an exception. The ability to get all the validation errors is pretty useful....
  • Commented on Doozi: Dezi + Moose
    If you are concerned about performance you might want to look at Moo as well. This is another project that is built around a community and really aims to be forward compatible with Moose. The idea is that you can...
  • Commented on MetaCPAN Officially Welcomes Our OPfW and GSoC Participants
    Since there are big chucks of metacpan written in Catalyst I would love to here about: 1) If any of the new features in Catalyst added since Metacpan went live are useful and 2) What Catalyst pain points do our...
  • Commented on Improving the grant program (2) Bi-monthly Grant Cycle
    If more then one person works on a grant will the limit still be 10,000 or could be higher if the amount was split or somehow divided between two or more programmers?...
  • Commented on parsing email to get required information using perl script
    Many people suggest is a good collection of modules designed to guide newcomer in very common programming tasks, email amongst many. The suggested modern ProBook is also a good read for a newcomer. I also recommend as a...
  • Commented on GPW2014 - REST workshop
    thanks! I'd love to see this since I am working on core improvements to catalyst around REST and would be interested to see what prior art is around --john...
  • Commented on GPW2014 - REST workshop
    I'd love to see a video of that, or the slides? Any idea where to look?...
  • Commented on Subroutine signatures in Perl are long overdue
    Ovid, I'm looking forward to sub signatures as well, but for the validation case I personally find using something like HTML::Formhandlers a better fit as I'd prefer to return a validation results object rather than raise an exception (which is...
  • Commented on Status update on the p5 MOP project
    Thank You Stevan -jnap...
  • Commented on I bought a weekly round for my friends
    Ribashushi Now I know why frew pointed this site out to me. I think its a good idea and what's more I hope we can encourage some big companies that make a ton of money with Perl to add some...
  • Commented on Toolkit review: Devel::Local, Devel::SimpleTrace, Reply
    But "Smacking it" and "Rebooting" seem to solve a disturbingly large number of problems... Makes you wonder about the nature of the universe....
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  • Makoto Nozaki commented on Improving the grant program (2) Bi-monthly Grant Cycle

    Dear jjn1056,

    Apologies I missed your comment.

    The limit is per grant, not per person. This is defined in the Grants Committee Charter as: "(The committee is not able to enter) any contract or agreement worth more than $10,000"

  • davewood commented on Travis-CI Helpers for Perl

    nice writeup, thank you.

    I recently sarted using travis-ci and this post gives me a better understanding of the travis-perl-helpers.

  • Neil Bowers commented on Perl 6 Status

    jjn1056 wrote:

    Although Perl6 was originally envisioned as the next great version of Perl, the community now deems Perl5 and Perl6 as separate projects

    There doesn't seem to be a clear position on that. For example, look at this talk from Liz, in particular:

    • never bought the sister language argument
    • Perl is evolving, and this is it
    • The new Perl is Perl 6
  • Peter Sergeant commented on Perl 6 Status

    I am reticent to add the link to Perl 5 - I think anyone who cares about the status of Perl 6 probably already knows exactly how it relates to Perl 5, and I'm keen not to add too much extra stuff to the page. Happy to be persuaded I'm wrong though.

  • Peter Sergeant commented on Perl 6 Status

    OK. I have merged a commit that did this.

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